Deadline for Submission is MAY 31, 2016 (12PM PST).





Entrants must have been awarded their Ph.D in the last 5 years. Both men and women are given an extension to the length of time from being awarded their Ph.D that is equivalent to the time taken away from research due to the birth or adoption of a child, or the direct care of sick, injured, or disabled children for a maximum of up to 18 months per child.

This is an international contest. Submissions to the Awards are admitted from any researcher regardless of age, gender, country of origin, background or religion. 

Submissions will not be accepted from members of scientific groups supervised by any of the judges.

The research described in the submission must fall witin the Microbiome field. Incomplete submissions or those that do not meet the requirements will be rejected.


A complete application must include:

  • Full personal information of the applicant
  • Complete information of the Institution where the project is being done and the Principal investigator of the project
  • 200 word summary of the project
  • 1000 to 1300 word full description of the project. Include references to any relevant preliminary data. Other data, graphs, images, video, etc, are optional.

 Incomplete submissions or those that do not meet the requirements will be rejected. 

Please send completed applications in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line of MICROBIOME AWARD APPLICATION.


All entries are judged by outside experts chosen from professional consultants, university faculty, and industrial researchers with expertise and experience in the area of Microbiome Research. Members of the judging panel must be unbiased and have no conflicts of interest with any entries. 

Entries will be graded based on:

Scientific merit of research proposal (50pts)
Originality/Innovation (20 pts)
Likelihood of successfully conducting proposed research (20pts)
Impact of DNA & RNA Isolation on the project (10 pts)



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